You do not know Saigon 100% without coming to Slum areas!

Welcome to Saigon - One of the biggest, the most bustling cities in Vietnam. It is the city of luxurious lives, historical sites, beautiful places and it is known as the center of commerce and culture. Saigon, with its chaotic whirl, breathes life and vitality into all who settle here with the promise of wealth, prosperity.

What are you arriving in Saigon for ? For taste of street food, experiences or culture ? Or to be hauled for a ride? Are you going to explore this city by your own way ? Do you know that there is another world in this city where you may not find out? - A city of contrasts. The contrast between the sleek 21-century skyscrapers and the slum area. Slum are the dark side of urbanization . Saigon have many slums with substandard houses stretching dozens of kilometers. We are native residents, we all know well about the “slum”, where we consider as our own family.

Our message - “life is a story, let us share other stories with you”, aims to get you have a look at:

1. The formation of the “slums”, lives of the people in the slum areas. Where do they come from and why do they choose to live there?

2. The Vietnamese society after war as well as the dark side of the developing country.

3. How are they able to manage their living conditions?

4. Do they get any welfare, subsidize from the Vietnamese Government?

You will experience and learn more about a different world around you through our stories. Besides, with your assistance and our support, we do hope to make a better life for them.



To get more information about SAIGON LOCAL PEOPLE AND JOBS, please visit CONTENT BELOW to see pictures and contents in each topic.


We hope to give a small support to the poor in Saigon through some projects like: Two Thousand rice restaurant...To get more information about us, please visit our website to see pictures and contents in each topic.


Welcome new friends, welcome to our world. Let join us to enjoy interesting experiences. We are willing to be a bridge to connect you to our world. We, the staff of company, work together to show you all the slums’s world as we say “ life is a story, let us share other stories with you.”


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